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Turkey is one of the most suitable countries for student life. Turkey, which has a high-quality education system and many universities, is deemed as the starting point of civilization and hosted many civilizations for hundreds of years. Turkey, which is the start of many civilizations and is advantageous in terms of its geographical position; has many rich cultural values in which people from many cultures live together and becomes the preference of many foreign students with its friendly people.

Turkey has unique features by both keeping pace with the modern age and hosting many artistic and cultural events and also with its historical artifacts and nature. Meeting with people from many different etnicities and learning about different cultues in metropolises, makes a great contribution to the personal development of students while they are receiving education in Turkey.

As well as these features, being located in Europe and providing economical living expenses become the reason of preference for many students.

Official name of the country is Turkish Republic / the Republic of Turkey. The capital of the country is Ankara. The capital in which The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is located, is a metropolitan city where the country is governed. Besides, we could mention İstanbul,İzmir,Antalya,Konya,Kayseri,Bursa,Adana,Trabzon, Eskişehir,Kocaeli,Mersin,Gaziantep and Diyarbakır as metropolitan cities of Turkey.
The country consists of 7 regions  (Marmara Region, Central Anatolia Region, Aegean Region, Meditterenean Region, Black Sea Region, Eastern Anatolia Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region) has the surface area of  814.578 km2. There are 81 provinces in Turkey. The native language is Turkish. Currrency is TL. The exchange rate market varies. Time zone of the country is deemed as GMT +2; CET +1. Official authorities, private companies and banks are working Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.  

Turkey has a delicious cuisine by being affected from many civilizations and by synthesizing Ottoman cuisine. Local cuisines vary among each other since stockbreeding and fishing is already improved in Turkey.
There are religious and official holidays. Religious holidays changes per calendar. Official holidays are 1st of June, 23rd  April, 1st May, 19th May, 30th August and 29th October.

220V standard European type double-pin plugs are used in Turkey.

Hospitals and Public Health Centers are available nearly everywhere and easy to access.

International phone code is +90 and GSM operators render 4G and 3G service. Internet access is available everywhere.