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Azerbaijani students who would like to receive university education in Turkey,  could gain information from Azerbaijan –Baku Contact Office of Atlas Foreign Education Consultancy and you can also make your applications there!

Address:Yasamal rayon,Şerifzade 315, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 55 699 83 89 / +994 12 480 31 14



  1. Providing that the candidates shall be graduated from high school or being student in the last grade of high school;
    1. Having a foreign nation,
    2. People who were citizens of Turkish Republic (being a citizen upon birth) and then being out of citizenship under the permission of Ministry of Internal Affairs and who proves that their children who are not minor have the Document about Using the Rights Established by Turkish Citizenship Law
    3. People who have the right of being dual citizen or having the right of being Turkish citizen while they are already citizen of another country,
    4. Students who continue their high school education before 1st February 2013, if they are already Turkish Citizen, completed the last 3 years of high school education in a foreign country other than Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Turkish schools which give education by Ministry of National Education in any other countries are included in this article.
    5. People, who are citizen of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  between years of 2005 and 2010 and resided there or who received high school education in TRNC, those students who received education in high schools or colleges in other countries and passed GCE AL exams or shall pass it.  



a) Students with the citizenship of Turkish Republic, who completed the entire high school education in Turkish Republic or TRNC.
b)Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There is an exemption for those students who are TRNC citizens but registered in any high schools or colleges in other countries and passed GCE AL examinations between 2005-2010 years.
c)Providing that the student shall meet the provisions stated in d1 and d2 subparagraphs of Article 1, double citizens of whom first citizenship is Turkish and who becomes Turkish citizens upon birth as stated in subparagraph b of Article 1 (double citizens)
d)Students with double citizenships of whom one citizenship is TRNC and completed entire high school education in TRNC and registered in any high school or college and completed the education, entitled with the right of GCE AL examination and passed it successfully
e)Students with Turkish Republic citizenship and educated in foreign high schools in Turkish Republic or T.R citizens with double citizenship who are entitled to have the Turkish citizenship upon birth as stated in subparagraph b or Article 1 or schools under the administration of T.R Embassies

Documents required for Registration

Documents that shall be required for registration could vary due to universities or departments, besides, documents which shall be required in all registration proceedings are stated as follows:
Photocopy of Passport
Your High School Diploma and Transcripts
Diploma Equivalence Certificate
Certificate of Competence for Foreign Language for Students who shall not receive education in one year of preparatory class
Examinations to be passed for the acceptance to registration by Universities;
Azerbaijani University Examination. "Tələbə Qəbulu üzrə Dövlət. Komissiyasının" (TQDK) – It is possible to not to be accepted as of 2018 -2019.  
As of 2011, Examinations for Foreign Students are organized by Universities of Turkish Republic.
Examinations that are deemed equivalent with Higher Education Examination shall be accepted by universities. Students could apply to those examinations.
Application dates for universities shall be changed as per universities and dates of application.