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Conditions for obtaining visa for Turkey vary as per the purpose of the travel. Visitor visa or visa exemption as per the type of the passport that is hold by the foreign student who shall travel as a tourist could be issued by border gates or embassies.


The passport,  of which holder is Azerbaijani student, must not be older than 10 years and must not be damaged in any way. For example, passports, with torn out pages, worn or damages as to be unreadable shall not be allowed or accepted. An Azerbaijani citizen, who shall enter into Turkish Republic, must have a passport with the validity date of at least 60 days more before the visa exemption or residence permit validity shall be ended or he/she shall have an official document that could supersede passport.

Azerbaijani citizens, who shall stay more than 1 month in Turkish Republic, must make an application to the foreign representative office of Turkish Republic in Azerbaijan with their personal ordinary passports.
The period of stay in Turkey could not be more than 90 days in each 6 months, if this situation is esteemed, then an application for short-term residence permit must be made to Provincial Directorate of Immigration which serve for foreign citizens. Dual citizens could not be entitled with stay in Turkish Republic for 90 days with both passports in each stay within 180 days.

Due to the visa application process, it is suggested to make a visa application 1 month before travelling to Turkey. Visa fee that shall be paid within the process of visa application shall not be refunded if visa could not be obtained at the end of the process. Health insurance is a must and mandatory during the visa application process. For minor children (of the age under 18), it is mandatory to receive Letter of Consent from both mother and father of the child. If the parents are divorced, then they shall apply for a visa with a letter that proves this condition (divorce).

If the person is receiving education in Turkey; the person is accepted by Provincial Directorate of Immigration without searching for “Education Annoted Visa” for Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, TUS (Education for Specialty in Medicine) Degrees. This includes international student exchange programs, cultural programs, EU Education and Youth Programs. No “Education Annoted Visa” is required for students who shall receive education in a school under the management of The Higher Education Council in Turkey.