Life in Turkey for International Students

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Accommodation needs of students in Turkey are met by the dormitory of the universities itself or by state dormitories. State dormitories are one of the most preferred accommodation options. YURT-KUR (Higher Education Credits and Dormitories Institution) is the leading choice of those accommodation options.

Preferably, luxurious dormitories or dormitories with many activity areas (swimming pool, gym, etc.) are also among all these options.

Besides all those abovementioned options, luxurious residences or small flats in apartments could be preferred by students by sharing or personally used. Renting a house in Turkey could be made via internet or organized by real estate companies.

As an advice for international students, dormitories are suggested since dormitories could be more beneficial for making practice in Turkish language.

Social and Cultural Life

Turkey is hosting many activities in terms of social and cultural life. Especially those mega cities of Turkey such as İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir; Turkey has all types of opportunities for activities and there are many cities hosting for different events and activities in Turkey. International and national movie, music, art and fashion festivals are organizations and events which are curiously followed and create tremendous impression all around the world.

Turkey, which is being visited by tourists in every period of year with its natural beauties, is very suitable for both water sports and winter sports since all four seasons could be lived.

Ability to participate in those cultural and artistic activities in Turkey shall provide many interesting experiences for many students and also provide international students to being adopted with Turkey in a short time.


Mostly highways are preferred for transportation in Turkey. Metro, light railway, metro-bus, funicular system are used in mega cities. Sea transportation is also mostly preferred choice. Intercity railway also provides comfortable, economical and easy travel for you. Discounts are applied for students, families of veterans, martyrs and elders in public transportation in Turkey. The discount rate varies from city to city. Please apply to web sites and IETT offices located in many central places in Istanbul for detailed information about those discounts.


International students have no rights to be employed in Turkey. Government brought into forwards some new regulations for international students to be employed and studies for this issue are now carried out by the government. There are many opportunities for internships. Many big companies which are multi-cultural with both Turkish and foreign partners give opportunities to students for their periodic internships. As well as all those abovementioned opportunities, there are intern programs applied in public domain. Non-governmental organizations also support internship programs.


General Health Insurance has the equal cover for all international students issued by the government of Turkish Republic. Students with General Health Insurance could receive service and medical treatment in private hospitals by paying a small amount of difference in price.