Business Administration Education in Turkey

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Person, who would like to study in business administration department must have several skills and characteristics such as; planning and implementation skills,  being interested in math and other social sciences, easily sharing ideas to others, having strong persuation and communication skills and being farsighted and creative. In Business Administration departments; several courses could be taken such as Introduction to Economics, General Accounting, Trade Law, Statistics, Micro-macro Economy, Management and Human Resources.

Business administrators plan the working order in order to carry out processes in public or private companies in the most effective terms and audit works. They have several tasks other than organization, management and auditing such as making plans for optimization of products, increasing the production and sales of products, providing monetary source for the institution and distributing financial facilities of institution in the most economical way, to use the manpower of the institution in those departments where they shall be most effective and recruiting the most appropriate staff.

Since they could work in all types of institutions and organizations which produces products or services, they have opportunities and departments to find a job much more than other departments. People, who are graduated from the Department of Business Administration, could have an opportunity to build their career on several titles such as researcher, certified public accountant, accounting and financing manager, bank manager and in several positions in both public and private sectors.

Leading universities in Turkey about business administration education are Boğaziçi University, Koç University, Bilkent University, Middle East Technical University and Galatasaray University.

Business administration education in Turkey is divided into two programs such as 2 years of associate degree education or 4 years of bachelor’s degree education programs. Many associate degree programs give an opportunity to continue to bachelor’s degree immediately after the graduation without losing any time. Students, who complete their bachelor’s degree education, could continue to master’s degree education which is a more academic level. Master’s degree education in Turkey is in two types as master’s degree education with thesis and master’s degree education without thesis. Master’s degree education programs without thesis are more industry-oriented than academic for whom are mostly working professionally. Students, who receive master’s degree education without thesis, are persons who are sought industrially but this is not appropriate for students who would like to continue to doctorate education and who would like to have an academic career. In master’s degree education without thesis, students shall be graduated by creating projects rather than thesis. Master’s Degree education with thesis lasts generally 2 years, 1 year for courses and 1 year for thesis preparation in Turkey. Master’s degree education without thesis generally lasts 2 years, such as 1 year for courses and 1 year for project. Those students who shall complete their master’s degree education, could go on in their academic career plans by being registered to doctorate programs.